DIY Extended Sway Bar Links.




Introduction: DIY Extended Sway Bar Links.

After installing a 2 1/2 inch lift kit on my 1992 Jeep Yj, I couldn't get the sway bar links to hook up nicely. I shopped around and found lots of expended links but they were $60 and up.

I devise this solution which cost me all of $12. I already owned the Tap and Die set but if I had been forced to buy it for the job I would still have only spent $27

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Step 1: How Long Were They

I started by measuring the current length and finding this midpoint. I cut them in half using a right angle grinder and cut off wheel.

Step 2: Cutting the Outside Threads

I measured the outside diameter of the center section of the sway bar link. Checking a tap and die chart and I find I can use the 1/2 20 die from my harbor freight tap and die set. Conveniently there is a tap of the same size.

Step 3: Cutting the Thread

I used the die to cut the threads on the link halves.

Step 4:

Again I referenced the tap and die chart and found I needed a piece of tube with a 29/64 id. I ordered a 12" piece of tubing 3/4 OD with 3/16 walls leaving 3/8 ID.

I cut the tube to 2 X 4 1/2 inch length

I chased the bore with a 29/64 drill bit, then tapped the internal threads.

Step 5:

I screwed everything together and measure the result, exaclty 2 1/2 inches longer.

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    3 years ago

    Good job and great idea.