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Introduction: DIY External Bass Speakers for Mobile Phones and Laptops | Recycle Ideas

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Hello Readers in This Instructable i will share how i made External Bass Speakers which is ideal for mobiles and laptops.

Need:Since i'am a Music lover i wanted to Build a Device Which has Powerful Music Output.

i got an idea to make a Custom Version of My Own :)

Step 1: Wanna Hear How Much Volume It Has Got? Watch the Video

Step 2: Audio Amplification

  • Audio Amplifier 5V
  • Power Supply Port is Soldered to Wires
  • Speaker Ports are also Soldered
  • Input Supply pin is soldered (i usually use 3v Supply From Battery fearing 5V may Damage The Circuit)

Step 3: Building Phase

  • Speakers from my old music player is dusted well!!!
  • The Wires from Audio Amplifier Board (which is already soldered wire) is soldered to both speakers
  • 3.5mm Jack wire is stripped
  • Green and red wire is soldered to audio amplifier board

Step 4: Tested Before Next Phase

  • Checked To Make Sure Everything works well
  • Body is Made from Cardboard
  • Mark is made as per dimension of speaker on cardboard
  • Cut
  • Using Hot Glue it is Coupled
  • Build The Box and Cover Everything Inside.Except Supply pin and audio input pin

Step 5: Finishing Up

  • Mobile Phone Holder is Made
  • Supply is given
  • Audio Input is given
  • Enjoy The Bass!

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    2 years ago

    Simple and nice. Great work.