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Introduction: DIY Eyeliner Brush

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When recently shopping for an eyeliner brush, I was appalled at the prices - $20 for a tiny brush?! No thanks.

This is a quick and easy DIY project, transforming an art store brush into a custom eyeliner brush. 

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:
  • 1 brush. I bought mine at Utrecht for only $4. I bought a synthetic blend brush, designed for use with oils & acrylics, filberts. It's fibers come to a small, flat, squared tip. This was totally bought on preference! If you would prefer something with a finer tip, by all means grab that. Just make sure the fibers can work with the type of eyeliner you use.
  • small saw
  • Sugru (this stuff's amazing!), or polymer clay

Step 2: Saw Brush

Your brushes look great, but they are way too long to fit in your make-up bag.

Clamp brush to workbench, and saw. Should be a quick and dirty cut - No need to worry about sanding off the base as you'll be covering it in Sugru/clay.

Step 3: Sugru

After putting on some gloves (Colored Sugru has the tendency to leave some dye on the fingers), and roll about 1/2 of a pack into a ball. Squeeze over the cut end of your brush and squeeze to adhere to the base. Roll around and mold until reaches desired shape. Same deal if you're working with clay.

Not only does this Sugru splinter-proof your brush, but it doubles as a counter-weight so your lines are smoother. Awesome! 

Allow Sugru at least 24 hours to cure. 

Step 4: Time to Beautify!

Put your new brush to the test, and get ready for some friends to ask where you got your fancy new brush.

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    5 years ago

    love this! i need a eyeliner brush too! can't wait to make! :)

    Great instructable! I have a small dish of water with a tiny tiny bit of soap in it when I work with Sugru... I dip my fingers in it every so often and then it doesn't stick or dye my fingers.