DIY F-250 Tow Mirrors




Introduction: DIY F-250 Tow Mirrors

My friend and I needed towing mirrors for his 93 diesel f250, and we decided that we should make them at home using scrap metal. For us this project was free. If you had to buy the parts it would probably come out to around $15 the angle piece of aluminum was about $13 and then some misc. hardware.

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

  1. 2x Desired length of 1" angled aluminum
  2. 2x 1" long bolt
  3. 2x nut
  4. 2x locking washer
  5. C clamp
  6. T40 torx bit
  7. other sockets to fit the bolts you get

Step 2: Prep

  1. remove the existing mirrors, this is where you will need the t40 bit. save the mirrors because you will be using them in a few steps.
  2. Cut the aluminum to the desired length, for ours we wanted the mirrors to stick out 10", and then we needed a bit extra to clamp and secure it to the existing mirror bracket. it ends up being an extra 4 inches of metal to the needed length to get it sturdy.
  3. Drill the holes, the one used for mounting to the bracket should be 4" from one end, and the one that the mirror attaches to should be about 1" from the other end of the aluminum

Step 3: Assembly

  1. Attach the metal extensions with the bolts
  2. add the C clamps at the short end of the extension to make it more secure to the truck
  3. attach the mirror to the second hole
  4. you are good to go tow!
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    Very nice build, and so useful! It's awesome that it was free to you, probably a lot of people have the parts laying around! Although even if it's not, the price is pretty great!