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Learn how to make DIY Floam from styrofoam cups with Annelise & Julia. Happy Crafting!

You will need:

5 Styrofoam cups (to make 1 cup of microbes)

4 oz. white school glue (or clear)

1 cup liquid starch (You may also need a tiny bit of Borax water, directions below)

Food coloring

Bowl & Spoon


Liquid starch and Borax are both found in the grocery store near the laundry soap. This recipe should work with only liquid starch, however, if it does not firm up for you, try adding about a tablespoon of Borax water solution. Before doing this, though, you should let the floam sit for about 5-10 minutes to see if it firms up on it’s own.

Borax water solution:

1 tsp. Borax (found on the laundry aisle of the grocery store)

1 cup warm water

Mix together until Borax is dissolved. Remember, the trick to good Floam (or slime) is the amount of liquid starch or Borax water solution. Too much and your Floam breaks instead of stretching. Too little and your Floam will stick to everything.

Floam will store for weeks in a sealed bag.

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