DIY FPV Ground Station for Less $$$ Than You Think

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Intro: DIY FPV Ground Station for Less $$$ Than You Think

Hey, welcome to my Instructable. This is an FPV ground station that I built to use with my Tiny Whoop (I have an Instructable on my Tiny Whoop setup as well: My Tiny Whoop: a Whoop Recipe + A Few Tips and Tricks). It weighs about 2 pounds, is nice and compact and easy to carry, and allows other people to see what I see through my goggles. All you need is a single power outlet.

Step 1: Monitor

I can't really tell you what monitor this is, because I got this from a friend's dad who happens to be a STEM teacher. It is 7" and runs off of a 12V adapter. I guess it would be about $20 online, let me know if I'm wrong.

Step 2: Power Supply

To power this thing, I need two adapters, one for the receiver and one for the monitor. I found these lying around my house and secured them in the case with Velcro strips. I also slipped in a 3-1 adapter so I only need one outlet. Online, this shouldn't cost more than $20, bringing the total to $40.

Step 3: Receiver

I struck gold at a swap meet and got this Immersion RC receiver for $2 from a guy who just got the newest model of the same thing. A receiver that works just as well is available on Hobby King for $15 under the brand "Quanum," with a diversity version also available if you want diversity. Total so far: $55

Step 4: Cables

Cables to hook up the AV input to the monitor. No cost, hopefully.

Step 5: Book Cover

I use a book cover to make sure the screen doesn't get scratched b stuff jumbling around in the case. $1 at Dollar Tree, $56 total.

Step 6: Case

For the case, go to a thrift store and find something that you can fit all of your components in snuggly. Mine came from some Playmobil pirate set. About $5 at a thrift store, so $61.

Step 7: Put It All Together

Now that you have all of your components, hot-glue everything into the case. Make sure you can close the lid entirely first.

Step 8: Powering On


Step 9: Possible Improvements

I would like to have a DVR somewhere in there, but I was not able to acquire one. Assuming you are buying everything, this should cost you under $70, and less if you already have stuff. It cost me only $2, but that is because I got the receiver for $2 and the monitor for free. If you make one of these, be sure to let me know!



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