DIY Fairy House Sculpt Tutorial

Introduction: DIY Fairy House Sculpt Tutorial

This is a simple sculpt tutorial for everyone. See below for a tool and supply list and links to helpful videos and more. Check out my YouTube channel for a wealth of DIY videos: http;// and shop my art creations at:

Tool and Supply List

Marblex of Mexican Clay brands of self-hardening clay

Optional: Use Sculpey 3 brand polymer clay

Clay sculpting tools

Small paint brush

Cup of water

Water spray mister

Flat board to work on

Plastic or plastic bag to cover work when you take a break

A Word About Clay

In this video I am working with self-hardening clay because it is a bigger piece and far more economical than had I done the fairy house with polymer clay. Self-hardening clay costs about $1 per pound - polymer clay costs about $15 per pound. Also, self-hardening clay is more from the earth and I feel a stronger connection to it than to polymer clay which is chemical based. I have worked with self-hardening clay for many years and I am very comfortable with it. However, self-hardening clay is not waterproof so fairy houses made with it would have to go into a "dry" fairy garden. Polymer clay on the other hand can handle moisture. And the volume of polymer clay needed for a larger sculpture can be reduced greatly by making a tightly compacted alluminum foil core to build your sculpture around. I like Sculpey 3 brand of polymer clay - I have done many sculptures with Sculpey 3 and I find it easy to work with and very hearty once it is baked. Self-hardening brands of clay which I like and have used a great deal are Marblex and Mexican Clay. As with any self-hardening clay you buy, always make sure the clay is soft and pliable before you purchase it. A great source for clay and art supplies online is:

Support Videos Faux Finishing Playlist - How to do Aged Ivory, Aged Bronze, Verdigris and Stone finishes on your fairy house Link:…

How To Make A Miniature Fairy Park Bench In Polymer Clay Link:

Other Source for miniature bicycles, other miniatures, moss and plants Link:

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