DIY Fairy Wand




Introduction: DIY Fairy Wand

This is a fairly easy project - it takes a short time to make and the materials are very common.

The design is inspired from Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom cartoon and it had a huge success with a certain fairy-princess-obsessed little person. Follow along to see how I did it!

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Step 1: Materials and Steps

- Colored paper (2 colors)

- Wiggly eyes

- 1 straw

- Glue and marker


- Cut out 2 identical stars and 2 identical circles from colored paper. The circles should fit inside the stars size-wise

- Glue each circle to a star

- On only one of the stars, glue 2 wiggly eyes and draw a mouth

- Glue a straw to the back of one star and then glue the second start on top of the straw, so that the straw is glued in the middle.

You're done!

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