DIY Fan From a Computer

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I was wondering what I should do with my old computer parts which I had from a rusty computer in my shed. I decided I would make a fan out of the fan it the computer.

Things you'll need:

computer fan (a small one will do)
2 / 3 AA batteries (they must be fully charged or else it won't work. Don't use reusable batteries)
2 crocodile clips



Step 1: Unscrewing the Computer Fan

Unscrew the fan so that you have 2 parts: the copper insulation and the fan. You don't need the copper insulation so put that aside.

Step 2: Connecting the Wires

Now, there will be 3 wires: red, yellow and black. Connect one crocodile clip onto the black and the other onto the red wire. Cut down the yellow wire becuase we are not going to use that.

Step 3: Connecting the Battery

The two / three AA batteries should be celotaped together, or of you have a torch battery pack or a normal battery pack, you can use that. Make sure the + side of the end battery touches the RED wire and the - of the other battery is touching the BLACK wire.

Step 4: Hey Presto!

Now you have a fan!! Hopefully it works but if it doesn't, drop a comment and take a picture of what you've done!



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    1 year ago

    Very nice- simple and great use of old parts!