DIY Faux "Gold- Dipped" Crystal and Druzy Charms for Jewelry




Introduction: DIY Faux "Gold- Dipped" Crystal and Druzy Charms for Jewelry

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Here's an easy way to get a "gold-dipped" crystal or a druzy in a few easy steps. You can use raw crystals, tumbled stones or druzies for this project. Depending on the size of crystals, the finished products can be used as a pendant, earrings or even key chains.

Step 1:

For this project you will need:
1 Crystal, Druzy, or Tumbled stone in the size of your choice
6000E glue or another strong hold glue
1 Jump ring
Gold leaf flakes ( Silver Leaf is available too if you prefer silver)
1 Small Paint brush( for sealer)
Mona Lisa Sealer or Mod Podge
Extra Paint Brush for applying gold leaf flakes

Step 2:

Apply a dab of E6000 glue to the tip of crystal where you want to place the jump ring, this will also be the area where you will apply the gold leaf. Allow to dry for 24 hours to get a good hold.

Tip: I have tried to use hot glue to attach the jump ring but found it didn't work well for me.

Tip: When picking your crystal keep in mind that its full weight will need to be supported by the jump ring and glue, so for this reason very heavy crystals may not be a good choice.

Step 3:

Apply a thin coat of sealer or Mod Podge at the top of the crystal, only where you want the gold leaf to stick, try to avoid getting sealer on the jump ring.

Step 4:

Begin applying gold leaf flakes, you can use you finger or a dry paint brush to lightly tap the gold leaf against the crystal so it gets into all the nooks and crannies. Don't worry if there are uncovered spots because this is just the first application. Allow this layer to dry, approximately 5-10 minutes.

Tip: I tried gold paint to create a faux gold dip but didn't feel the results were as good as with the gold flakes.

Step 5:

When dry, apply a second coat of sealer/Mod Podge, then a second layer of gold leaf. You can apply the sealer to only the uncovered spots or all over the gold leaf that you have already applied. You can repeat this step as many times as you want or until you have the coverage you desire.

Step 6:

When you have the coverage that you want allow it to dry fully then remove any flakes that may have landed on the jump ring. You can also use your fingernail to lightly scrape off any small bits of the gold leaf from any places where you don't want it. This only works well for small stray flecks so try to be precise with your sealer application in the beginning so you have exactly the amount you want.

Step 7:

Apply a final coat or 2 to the gold leaf, allow it to dry at least an hour and preferably 24 hours before you use in in your jewelry projects.

Step 8:

String it on a chain or ear wires and enjoy.

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    3 years ago

    We collect quite a few Druzies, Opals,Tiger's Eye, Jasper, & Agate from our creek, & "dry beds" that are nearby. It's getting harder to come up with new fun ways to"pretty-up" our little gems ... this is going to be a great addition to "Let's go to Gramma's and make cool Stuff" time. Hope ours come out shining and as beautiful as yours! Thanks for a brilliant new way to play with our rocks.


    4 years ago

    I make smooth tumbled gemstones into jewelry. I'm going to try this out. Very cool and simple


    4 years ago

    This looks like an excellent and very simple technique. Great instructions, very nicely done!