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This felt rose ring was a project that I did few years back and was my first time doing a ring using felt. It was originally based on a ring that a friend purchased elsewhere and I thought I could pay for less and make my own. So I experimented it myself at home. I am happy the way it turned out, quite versatile as I can make it as a brooch, earrings or a headpiece.

Have fun!

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Step 1: You Will Need:

Felt or other fabric (I chose indigo blue)
Ring band
Matching colour thread

Step 2: Cut Out As Much Petals As You Wish.

I used 11 petals. You can cut more to make your rose to have more volume. My petal size is within 1 inch x 1 inch.

Step 3: Take a Petal and Put a String at the Tip of the Petal (the Side That Is Narrower) As Show in the Picture

Step 4: Pull the String Tight So That You Create a Shape Like This. Tie a Knot to Keep the Shape. Repeat These Steps for the Rest of the Petals

Pull the string tight so that you create a shape like this. Tie a knot to keep the shape. Repeat these steps for the rest of the pedals

Step 5: You Should Have Something Like This

Step 6: Take Four of Them and Sew Them Together.

Tips: One petal should overlap the other (like a fan)

Step 7: You Should Have Something Like This After Sewing the 4.

Step 8: Repeat Another Set of 4 and a Set of 2. Keeping One Petal Remaining.

Step 9: Now, Stack the 3 Sets Together and Sew.

You should have 2 sets of four's and 1 set of two's. Make sure the set of two's is at the top. Tips: Distribute the petals evenly

Step 10: Now Mold the Two Petals in the Center and Squeeze a Bit Inwards and Secure With Thread.

Step 11: Use the Remaining Pedal and Roll the Tip to Something Like This and Secure With Thread.

This will be used as the center pedal.

Step 12: Fit the Petal Into the Center and Sew in Place.

Tips: you might need to trim the center petal a bit if it appears to be taller than the rest of the petals.

Step 13: Cut Out the Same Size Circle As the Ring Blank From the Felt.

Step 14: Sew the Circle to the Bottom of the Rose.

Step 15: You Should Have Something Like This. Now Glue the Circle Onto the Ring Band Circle Area.

Step 16: Ta La~ You're Done!



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2 years ago

it looks pretty, you did a great job on this inscructable


6 years ago on Introduction

It's lovely. In my personal opinion the size is best 4 a broach, headband or barrett. But your workmanship in Fine.

2 replies