DIY Fire Starter

Introduction: DIY Fire Starter

Ever had trouble starting a fire? Well this easy camping hack can change the way you start fires forever. Easy to make and use, this fast and efficient way to start fires can help you when you need it most!

Step 1: What You Need

In order to make this fire bundle you will need:

1. Lighter

2. Kleenex or tissue

3. Paper towel

4. Small twigs and sticks

(All as seen in picture 1)

Step 2: Middle Bundle

First, snap all the twigs and sticks that you collected into small parts, then organize the larger thicker twigs and the smaller skinnier twigs, into separate piles.

Second, lay out the tissue and put the larger twigs onto the tissue (picture 1). Then lightly ball up the tissue with the sticks in the middle.

Step 3: Outer Bundle

As in step 2, lay out the paper towel and put the other pile of twigs, (smaller twigs) but this time spread them out as seen in picture 1. Then put the tissue bundle, into the middle of the paper towel. (see also picture 1)

After the tissue is placed in the middle, ball up the paper towel around the tissue, and lightly compress both bundles together. As seen in next step.

Step 4: What the Final Bundle Should Look Like

Step 5: Lighting the Bundle

This step is the easiest, first light one side of the paper towels with your lighter, and put the towel in your fire (or want to be fire), halfway upside down. This allows the fire to burn up threw the twigs and sticks.

Great! You've done it! Now you have a awesome, easy, camping hack to start fires, that rivals all others!

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    2 years ago

    That's a good simple fix :)