DIY Fire Starters

Introduction: DIY Fire Starters

There's nothing better when your out camping or in a survival situation, than sitting around a fire, keeping warm and toasting marshmallows,(Maybe not marshmallows if your in a survival situation). But how will you start that fire?. Im going to teach you how to make some easy cheap fire starters that can be made from things you probably have around the house.

Step 1: Gear

You probably have all these around the house but if you don't they are really cheap.
  1. Wax(a candle is fine)
  2. Something to melt the wax in like a pan plus something like a can
  3. Cotton wool
  4. That's all

Step 2: Melting the Wax

First half fill the saucepan with water and heat it on the stove. Cut the wax/candle into chunks and put them into a can or similar item and put it in the pan like in the second image.

Step 3: Making the Starters

Dip some cotton wool into the melted wax and let the cotton soak the wax up well, then set aside to dry. What i like about this method apart from that the materials are cheap, is that when the cotton is drying, you can squash them into shapes and leave them until the wax drys so that they take up no space at all.

Step 4: Burn!

These fire starters will burn well, So next time your starting a fire, use these fire starters. Please vote for this to win the outside competition if you liked this.

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