D.I.Y Firewood Sled




Introduction: D.I.Y Firewood Sled

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This is just a short Instructable showing my homemade firewood sled. It was made out of old downhill skis screwed to a wooden frame, the frame is made from 2 and a half inch strapping screwed to blocks made from 2 by 4. The tow rope is just a piece of  no stretch rope for now but I plan to make it into a pulk sled(Look up diy pulk sled on YouTube). This sled is made to take either split fire wood or whole logs up to six feet, or basically anything that will fit on it!! I am also going to put uprights on each side to support the firewood or logs. Thanks for looking!! Feel free to comment even mean comments!! Constructive criticism right??



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    Thanks for the comment!! My neighbor has one I asked him and he said its been going for 30 years or more!! Thats where I got the idea.

    I almost put a dent in my forehead from slapping it; I've got a pile of old skis I've been wondering what to do with for a few years, now. Adirondack-style chairs and benches are so passe` but I hate to toss these things. Now I know what to do with them. Thank you.