DIY Fisheye Camera

Introduction: DIY Fisheye Camera

Did you ever want to make a picture or video with a fisheye view? This was a ridiculous question. Creating and in the end having a selfmate fisheye camera has very many features. This can not only be used on land, but of course also under water. When having a fisheye camera things can be seen from several other angles. A fisheye camera can get things on the picture such as 360 degrees pictures. The creation part is a very easy part. There are only a couple of steps which will be explained in this instructables.

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Step 1: Materials

1. Scissor

2. Duck Tape or just normal tape

3. Spy Hole (also known as door peephole)

4. Some foam (paper)

5. the fitting ppc pipe or any pipe that fits your camera, there can also be a pill bottle used. I for example have used a pill bottle.

6. A black sharpie (only for the decorations if your camera is black and you want to have the fisheye camera in a black color as well.

Step 2: Making the Actual Product

The picture on the top is a picture of the finished product. The steps on how to make this DIY fisheye lense/camera are described below in other steps. The Camera Lense will then be plugged on the iPhone.

Step 3: Gathering Materials

Those are the two main material. Of course there are also the tools needed although they are listed in the first step: Materials.

This is a door peephole which can be bought in the hardware store for five dollars or taken from home. The other things is a pill box which you normally have at home otherwise you can also just buy this at the pharmacy for 2 dollars.

Step 4: Cut the Door Peephole

This needs to be done because the door peephole is relatively long and should be cut until the actual lens is starting. So this is the actual first step of the process in creating the camera.

Step 5: Adjust the Pill Bottle

Anyone under the age of 16 should get an adult for handling with the knife.

The pill bottle has to be adjusted because in the end it needs the door peephole to be tightly in their and also apply to the Phone that is used. At first you have to saw the pill bottle about 4 centimeters of length. Then you will have to put a whole in the top of the pill bottle where the door peephole can be inserted. The second picture is just a picture again of the actually pill bottle without a lid. The third picture is a picture how the product would look on a tablet.

Step 6: Plugging the Door Peephole in the Pill Bottle.

Those are three pictures of the pill bottle. The first picture is a picture where the door peephole is inserted in the pill bottle. The second picture is picture where you see the pill bottle stuck on the iPhone. This is the same in the third and last picture.

Step 7: Finish and Decorate Your Product

Those are all pictures of the finished product. Except for the second picture. I have wrapped the fisheye camera lens with duck tape and if you want you could color it with a black sharpie. The third and last picture is an example picture from outside.

Step 8:

Step 9:

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    4 years ago

    Very clever! This is a neat little hack to get a fisheye look on your photos - thanks for sharing how you did this!