DIY Flag Art: India



Introduction: DIY Flag Art: India

Similar to :Ireland

Colors: orange, blue, and green

difficulty level : 3 of 5

Step 1: Instructions

Follow the pictures above. Practice makes Perfect you wont get it the first time you try. I think visual learning is the best way for people to learn things, however some people disagree is you need my help and the pictures arent enough send me a message and i will be sure to help.



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    5 Discussions

    Please Jsason,

    There is not any orange colour in Indian flag its saffron and its not green but india green.

    Also the Ashok chakra in the image doesn't even looks like circle

    Try improving it.

    I am an Indian and seeing this really hurts.

    4 replies

    Also please remove your comment because in a way it is offensive

    It's not offensive.
    It's just a humble suggestion for improvement of your flag art.

    As i said in the instructable, it takes practice and my flag drawings are more quick sketches than dedicated art. However I understand what you are saying about the wheel. As for the colors , the flag is definatly orange and green , so im not sure what your talking about there?

    Ok here's a reference for you hope it helps.