DIY Flashlight Reflector

About: My hobbies are electronics and photography. I have an Arduino which I like to program, and I make stop motion videos with my camera. I also have a great interest in DIY.

So, you, like me, need a reflector for a project you're making, but you don't want to buy them? Make them yourself. Making one is quite simple and requires no melting or welding to accomplish.

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Step 1: Cone

You'll need a cone to reflect the light. The cone will be open at both ends. Go to to get a cone printed out. Insert how wide you want it and the width of the light bulb to be inserted. Also how tall the cone. Hit the create button and your cone will appear on the pdf viewer on Firefox. Press the print button and out comes the cone on your cardstock.

Step 2: Aluminum

Fold the flap on the cone. Cut out aluminum foil following the design of the cardstock. Glue the aluminum to the cardstock and unfold the flap. Now transform it into a cone and glue the flap down. Wait for the glue to dry and that's all there is to it.There! You now have a flashlight reflector to use on your light up projects that require light focusing.-



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