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Introduction: DIY Floorstander Speakers

About: Hi I'm Angelo (TechBulder)! I am a college student taking my engineering majors in BS-EE/ BS-ECE at the DLSU. I use my course as an inspiration for making my current projects! I've been posting projects here...

I made a pair of floorstanding/ tower speakers. I am planning to make another instructable guide but this time its a tower speaker. My guide will probably be released during my summer break (March 31, 2012). Its model is ASCAS FS-13

I was inspired when my dad bought a pair of bookshelf speakers (Polk Audio RTI-A1) for our living room. The RTI-A1s sounded extremely great! After a while I thought, why not build my very own floorstander speakers?

After a week I gather the needed materials. My biggest trouble finding a MDF board although I never found one so I substituted it with a recycled 3/4" Plywood from our old cabinet, the cabinet was removed because we converted our guest room into a home theater. My dad has a DACMagic Digital-Analog, Onkyo Ipod Dock (with audio bypasser) and a Cambridge audio stereo amp 2x65 for driving the speakers. We also have a Yamaha receiver and a Kenwood amp.

Later on I went to our local electronics store to buy individual speakers for my project, I was given a variety of speaker unit to choose from. I selected "CROWN" as my drivers, the speakers that I bought where locally made so they where cheap, even though its cheap they still sounded great. A pair of 6" Woofers (200W, 8 ohm, 45hz-1khz) only costs P580 or $13. I bought 2 pairs of woofer so it only costs $26. I also bought a pair of mid range speakers for P200 or $4 and a pair of  tweeter for P250 or $5. If your'e in the U.S. I suggest you to buy Tangband and Dayton speakers

- Frequency Response 45hz-20,000Hz
- RMS Power Range 150W
- Speaker Resistance 4 Ohms
- Audio Sensitivity 89db
- Plywood, Enamel Glossy Black Finish
- Woofers 6.5" Driver
- Midrange 3" Driver
- Tweeter 1" Driver
- Binding Post "Bi-amp Compatible"
- Crossover 3 way
- Dimensions, Height=33", Length=8.25", Depth=9"

Total Cost: $78 or P3,470 (1 Pair)
Parts in our country are cheap.

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