DIY Floral Ganesh Decor

Introduction: DIY Floral Ganesh Decor

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This project demonstrates how to create a quick and very simple floral decoration. Please note this method could be used to form any type of silhouette decoration. To begin with you will require the listed materials below.

Required Materials:

A foam board


Hot glue gun

Exacto knife

Artificial flowers (of choice)

Step 1: Drawing a Design

#1) On a plain foam board, draw an image or design. Here, I have drawn a picture of Ganesh. Remember to draw around your initial outline (ignorer to a create double outline).

Step 2: Cutting

Once, the desired image or design has been drawn, cutout out the all the portion which is not required using a crafting knife (Example: Exacto knife) for precision and accuracy.

Step 3: Gluing the Flowers

Lastly, once the design is cut, hot glue artifical flowers. Trim excess petals where required. The complete project could be hanged using clear thread or fishing wire.

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