DIY Floral Hair Clip Accessories





Introduction: DIY Floral Hair Clip Accessories

This is a guide for making really easy and quick hair accessories. You can also make them with a lot of other things, not just flowers. I had these lying around, so I used them.

- glue
- hot glue gun
- fake flowers
- hair clips/ties/band
- scissors
- disposable plate
- tiny paintbrush (cheap-o)
- newspaper

Let's get started!

Step 1: Prep the Flowers

For this step, all you need to do is pick apart the flowers. It's pretty simple!

Pull off the bracket thing holding the leaves on and take off the leaves. Cut off the stem and separate the bits.

Step 2: Glue & Finish

Take some hot glue and put it on the clip and stick the flower onto it. It helps to leave a bit of the white part in the photograph to make an 'anchor' in the hot glue.

Let dry.


That's it!

This is so easy I was able to watch TV while I was doing it, but it's still so cute! Good luck :)



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