DIY Flower Pillow



Hi Friends,

Happy New Year !!! Happy to meet you again hope my Instructable would be helpful for everyone who would like to do something unique handmade pillow toy.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Lets See the materials required for this pillow:

1.Designer Cloth.


3.Needle and thread.


5.A round cardboard cut off.

Step 2: Making Circles& Stitching :

First,make a circle cut off with cardboard and cut the cloth in circle shape.Circle diameter depends upon your requirement.Here i have made it 22 cm for medium flower.Make 7 circles out of which 1 should be of different color.

Now using needle start stitching the sides of cloth and make a cup shape to fill it up with cotton and make it pluffy.

Don't pack too much off cotton make it 75% stuffed.

Now,close the loop with stuffed cotton and seal it by 2 or 4 stitch so that cotton will be packed inside evenly.

Step 3: Stitching Together the Balls:

Once the balls are ready with cotton stuffed and ready for assembly, join all the balls together in a circle form.

Since balls are packed 75% it will be flexible and so u can press it make a petal shape and now join all the 6 balls to make a flower.

And now stitch the white color ball to the center to get a perfect flower shape .

Now the pillow is ready for use.Hope you enjoyed the work and please try out as this is very simple and materials are easily available ..

Happy Stitching!!!

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