DIY Flower Pot From Can




Intro: DIY Flower Pot From Can

A simple Flower Pot from a reused normal can, that can be even build by kids in a very short amount of time.

Step 1: The Start

What you need :

- Cans

- Can-Opener

- (Grinder or Sandpaper)

- (Paint)

Step 2: Opening and Cleaning

Open the can but leave the lid a very little bit attached and bend it over so you can pour the content into the pan. You can now take off the lid completely after having discharged the can.

After this you can start cleaning the can, but be careful to not cut yourself on the edge.

(Although my can opener is just a simple Swiss army knife it opens the can very smooth and I normally don't have to grind it afterwards.)

Step 3: Grinding and Painting

If needed grind the cutting edge.

After this you can paint the can, or leave it with its original cover, if you didn't take it off when cleaning the can.

Step 4: Planting

Now the time has come to start planting.

I wish you good luck and hope your seeds start growing fast and healthy.

(If you are wondering i have put the redwood seeds inside of little bags into the can, so that it will be easier to replant them when they are getting bigger.)



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