DIY Flower String Lights


Introduction: DIY Flower String Lights

Here's a cheaper way to get string lights. I had some brightly colored printer paper and Christmas lights. So, I decided to make some string lights with it.

What you need:
A cup/glass (whatever size you need to make a circle however big you want your flower to be.)
Sheets of colored paper (can use scrapbook paper)
Christmas lights

Take your paper and stack 3 or 4 sheets together. Next, draw how ever many circles can fit on one sheet and cut out your circles. Repeat until you have as many circles as you need. When you have the amount you need you can do a pattern with the colors or however you want and cut a slit in the middle so the light can be put through the paper. Once you have all the circles cut, take your lights and a circle and put the light through the circle and fold up (pinching the bottom so that's the only thing creased) into four sides. Continue until you've used all the lights and circles. 

Viola, finished product. A cute and cheap way to get a new look for your room.



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    2 Discussions

    Thank you! I need to add more pictures, some better ones. I still have one more set of lights to do and they're going across the top of my wall in my room.

    These are so cute! I have some strings from Christmas Lights, Etc that I'm going to turn into flowers for above my bed!