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Introduction: DIY Fluffy Blue Slime

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How to make fluffy slime yourself!

Things you will need:





Liquid Glue

Shaving Cream


Food coloring

Step 1: Pour Water and Add Borax

Pour water into a glass, and add a spoonful of Borax, and let it dissolve for a couple of minutes. (Mixing it will help).

Step 2: Glue in Bowl

Pour a bottle of liquid glue into a bowl.

Step 3: Adding Shaving Cream

Pour a foamy shaving cream over the top of the glue until you can't see the glue anymore.

Step 4: Mix

Mix it all together until it looks somewhat like frosting

Step 5: Adding the Borax

Pour a little bit of the borax and water a little bit at a time as you go, you'll know what its done, when it starts not to stick to the bowl or your hands. If it is still sticky, then add a little more borax.

Step 6: Kneading

Once it is not sticky, then knead it to help get the slime put together more, and really help the last touch of un-stickyness.

Step 7: Food Coloring (Optional)

Put a couple drops of food coloring in it, and mix it in until it looks like a solid color.

Step 8: Final

You're finally done! Have fun playing with it, twisting, and poking at it! Enjoy your fluffy slime!



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    7 Discussions

    How about some exact measurements.... is that to much to ask for, or is this even your own original recipe or did you just steal it from somebody else and that's why you don't really know how to make it yourself?? For kids trying to make it they need to know how much of each ingredient....duh.....

    This is so cool, but do u need the fluffy shaving cream? :( I only have gel. Will that work? If u dont know just plz give guess!!!

    2 replies

    gel will work as long as you mix the gel by its self before adding it in with the other ingredients

    I dont have glue Borax, Liquid Glue,or Shaving Cream.

    I don't think there is an exact amout. Estimate with your eyes.