DIY Foaming Hand Soap - Save $$$!





Introduction: DIY Foaming Hand Soap - Save $$$!

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Who loves to save money? I know I do! I also love making my own beauty products which can be somewhat complicated but there is nothing easier than making your very own foaming hand soap. Rather than spending $4 or $5 per soap bottle, this basic recipe costs as little as 15 cents per bottle! You can fancy it up with fragrance and color and still come out way ahead of the game!

Step 1: Supplies Needed:

-Recycled Foam Soap Dispenser

-Plain Liquid Hand Soap

-Pure Essential Oil (optional)

-Liquid Soap Colors (optional) -Water

Mix it up! For a large dispenser like mine, place 3 Tablespoons of liquid soap in the dispenser. Fill with very warm water and gently shake to dissolve the soap. Add a few drops of soap color and essential oil, if using.

Step 2: Done!

THAT’S IT! Really! That is all there is to it. You have your very own foaming soap. Customize with fragrance and color to suit your mood! Two of my favorites are Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oil.


Download this Free Tutorial

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7 Discussions


2 years ago

Reusing disposable foaming dispensers is a smart idea but this formula is way overkill. All you need is just dishwashing liquid, watered down to approx 1:10.

used the soap from old dispenser water it down to 3 parts water 1 part soap. FABULOUS, cheap cheap cheap

to you and all those who did their version of this instructable, it works great!

I tried making foaming hand soap but mine didn't work. Now I know..........too much soap & not enough water! Thanks, this is even cheaper than I thought.

never knew it could be that simple

Thank you! I'm going to try this once my current dispenser is empty=)

i usually refill it with dish soap and it works great with lcd screens