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Hello and welcome to all my friends and in this instructable. I am going to show you how I build my own Steel Sawhorses out of leftover Steel from the previous has been recovered from old build because those builds are no longer needed. All the 1"X1" square pipe and ½"X½" square rod are recovered from this old shed which is no longer needed because stairs are constructed over them. Although I don't have any proof of recovering that material.If you like our instructable then don't forget to vote for me and also don't forget to subscribe my YouTube channel.sawhorses are one of the important tools for any Diy & maker if you are a DIY guy and have to work on larger projects and you don't have sufficient amount of space then these sawhorses are only made for you guys. So what you have to do that just open the legs and place a larger sheet of plywood and your Temporary workbench is ready and if your work is finished you can unfold those sawhorses and keep them in a safe place. The main advantage of these sawhorses is that even after folding they are not wasting yours to much space.A very simple and space-saving product for any home. Also, these are easy to transport compared to the workbench .You can place those saw horses according to your desire.You can make either your temporary dining table, PC desk, picnic table & lot of other cool stuff you can make with these sawhorses.

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Step 1: Material and Tool Used

Material for the build.

  1. One by Two rectangular tube
  2. One by one square section
  3. Half-inch square rod.
  4. One by two rectangular wood

  5. 8 piece of door Hinges 4" long

  6. Welding electrode

  7. 4 set of the window or door hook

  8. Rubber Shoe for chairs

  9. Self-tapping screws

Tools required

Following are the tools required to build this project.

  1. Angle grinder Flap wheel

  2. Cutting disc

  3. chopping Saw (although you can cut it with angle grinder too).

  4. Arc welding machine

  5. Tape measure

  6. Paint Marker

  7. Combination square

  8. Set Square Some

  9. C clamp or quick release clamps

  10. Drill machine

  11. Some drill bits Router.(optional) Round over bit.(optional)

Step 2: List of Cutting Material.

Here is the list of all the all material dimension required to build these sawhorses. With these cutting dimensions, you can make a set of four sawhorses. For the cutting of the metal tubes, I am using Bosch chopping Saw. If you don't have a chopping Saw you can also use a grinder.

  1. 8 piece of 30-inch long One by Two rectangular tube
  2. 16 piece of 32 inches long 1 by 1 square tube
  3. 8 piece of 24 inches long half inch square rod
  4. 8 pieces of 30 inches long 1 by 2 cross section wood lumber
  5. one by two scrap wood to make the plug for the rectangular tube.(optional).

Step 3: ​Removing Rust From Metal.

So if you are like me and using old and reused metal pieces then you definitely need to sand off all the rust and to remove the rust from the metal pipes are used flap disc on an angle grinder and remove the rust from those pipes. For the removal of the rust, I use 60 grit flap wheel and then 120 grit.

Step 4: ​Making a Jig

So in this project, I need to weld multiple pieces at the same angle repeatedly so that's why I build a jig with the help of which I can weld my pieces at the desired angle again and again. If you are making a project in which there is a welding at an angle and you have to weld some pieces at the same angle other than 90 or 45 degrees then I highly recommend investing your time in making a perfect jig. And jigs like that really improve your work. The jig I made in this project is easy to make. just follow these steps.

To make a jig I use some scrap piece of wood. For the main support of the jig, I use 1 ½" thick scrap wood and cut the base at an angle of 15 degrees. Thick wood not necessary important thing is the angle at which you are going to weld your legs. I cut these angle on my miter saw. After cutting the angle I screwed those species onto a scrap piece of wood whose thickness is 1 inch and this thickness is equal to the thickness of the pipe used in making these sawhorses. As you can see in the video very clearly that I used a Scrap piece of pipe as a reference for the thickness of the base of jig. After that, I screwed the scrap piece of ply over that angled piece of wood where I clamped my legs during welding.

Step 5: ​Cutting the Legs at an Angle of 15 Degree

For the sawhorses legs, I choose the 15-degree angle. With the help of a combination square mark a 15-degree angle on one end of the pipe and then cut that piece with the help of cut off Wheel in the angle grinder. I do this with all those pipes which I am going to use as a leg for my sawhorses.

Step 6: ​Welding

So after making the jigs, it's time to weld our legs to the main section. For that, I screwed my jig on to the table so that I can place 1”X2” under that jig. Before placing that pipe under that jig I marking the distance of 2 inches from both side where I am going to weld. Then I clamped those legs to my jig at that side where I cut an angle of 15 degrees so that I can start my weld. Here I am not doing the complete well I am just doing tack weld. After taking the leg one side I slide the whole piece towards the other side so that I can weld the second leg. Then I remove those leg from the Jig and completed the weld. By doing this I made a set of 8 legs. For providing strength to the bottom area of those legs I use half in square rod and weld between those legs. What I do here that I measure a distance of 4 inches from the bottom to both side and then weld those braces on those marked areas.

Step 7: Making Foldable Legs

To make foldable legs I use 4 inches long door Hinges which are made up of stainless steel and the welding rod used to weld doors Hinges to my legs is SS 308 rod. I clamped two sets of legs on the table and place hinges on them so that I make foldable legs. The distance from and to the hinge is 8 inches on both sides. In my case, I didn't feel any need for grinding those welds.

After it completes I saw that only small area of the legs touches the ground. To make it completely touched the ground I lay sawhorse to one side and then fully open the legs to its maximum limit and then with the help of a square piece of metal by placing over the legs having that metal piece touching both sides mark the area which I need to cut to make it completely touched the surface. Although the angle also equals to 15 degrees.

Step 8: ​Making a Wooden Top.

The main reason for making a wooden top of these legs is to save the blade of circular saw so that during the cutting or ripping the plywood the blade didn't hit the metal pipes. For that I used 1"X 2" lumber which is already has been plained from both side then I cut the lumber to the required length which is 30 inches long. With the help of router and ½" round over bit, round off the edges but not the inside area where the wood meets with each other.see the image. With same lumber, I make and plug of the pipe by. Then with with the help of synthetic varnish I applied two coat over those sawhorses top and those end plug too.

Step 9: ​Priming and Painting

After making everything it's time for priming the legs. For priming, I use an Automotive primer or you can say a grey primer and apply it with the help of paintbrush. Hare I apply two coats of primer. Then it's time for painting. For that, I choose an orange color and apply 2 coats of this on those sawhorses.

Step 10: ​Assembling and Fixing Hardware and Rubber Shoes.

To connect those wooden pieces with sawhorses I drilled 4 mm dia holes through the top and then flip the whole sawhorses upside down. Then with the help of 8 mm dia drill bit I counter those holes from bottom side only so that the screw can easily fit into that counter hole. Then I place the wooden pieces over a table and then place sawhorses on it upside down and then fasten the leg with the help of screw to the wood which is going to be the top of sawhorses. (See the image). After that, I close the open end with plugs which we made earlier. Done with the help of self-tapping screw I fasten the latches which are used for stopping the legs in required position so that when I am going to move my job over these sawhorses they are not going to collapse. (Those latches are used to keep the window lock to a fixed position so that when wind blowing outside the window will not close and keep sturdy in its place). In the end, I installed those rubber shoes so that those metal will not able to damage the Marble surface.

Step 11: Complete Build

Take a look at the complete build and don't forget to give your opinion on this build. If you like our instructable then don't forget to vote, follow and share and also don't forget to subscribe our YouTube channel.

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    9 months ago

    Warning: Welding galvanized coated metal will put off a very poisonous gas. It is not advised.

    1 reply
    AMbros CustomChrisR523

    Reply 9 months ago

    They are not galvanized buddy, they are mild steel box sections.


    2 years ago

    Nice build-BUT! All that metal and sandals? Please follow some basic safety rules, dudes. We don't need any 'ables about how to reattach a severed toe.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    When I was young we used to call those "summertime safety shoes". They protected the soles of your feet from the sharp bits on the floor ... now I know better. ;)

    AMbros CustomPa1963

    Reply 2 years ago

    We remember your words and in future never came in front of camera in flip flop when it's came to welding or some heavy duty work.thanks........


    2 years ago

    These are great! I like the fact that they're high-strength, yet low profile. Very nice simple design.

    1 reply
    AMbros Customseamster

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks,I glad you like it.Individually these sawhorse can bear weight up to 150 kg. safely.