DIY Forest With Beautiful Pond




This time I have create forest with beautiful pond .Its beautiful & unique idea for room decoration .I tried to made the forest close to the nature .I think this idea will realize you about beauty of nature.(trees & forest)


Thermocol sheet,tissue paper,glue,tree stick,artificial leaves,acrylic color,acrylic varnish,

Step 1: Making of Base

First, i take a thermocole sheet and i mark on sheet with pencil as required base shape.

than i use a sharp and hot knife to cut the sheet, like a stones/pebbles.and i used hot knife for texture on stone.

Step 2: Making of Stone/pebble.

OK let's make stone.. I use glue and water mixture to paste tissue paper on stone to get a original look of rock. then i draw few lines, like cracks with help of marker.after this i used acrylic black & white color on stone for final our stones are ready.

Step 3: Making of Trees

Now, we are making 4 or 5 trees as you like ,but i am making 4 trees with the help of tree stick,which i took in my garden.i cut the stick as shape of my first tree & i add some branches on it for huge tree look.just like that, i made other 3 trees.after making of trees its time to paste artificial leaves on it,so i used glue gun to paste leaves on stick which was i took leaves mat,you can also use super glue for fixing. After that i makes a hole in the bottom of all trees for fixing,.now our trees are ready...

Step 4: Making of Irregular Surface of Moss

its time to make irregular surface of moss which is essential for forest look, so i chose a artificial moss mat from market.which is almost available in markets ,you can use dried moss if you don't have this mat,so, I take some old newspaper and twisted for irregular shape with glue and i paste it on sheet,and i used lot of glue for pasting of moss mat ,press it ,and cut it as required shape. After some time i fixed it in base with the help of screw driver. i think so, i have fixed it tightly,wow it looks great.

Step 5: Pond Making

lets go for our next step which is "pond making" its my favorite step ,but i little bit afraid about this,you can better judge that i passed or not,..after fixing of our stones/pebbles with glue, i took a hard card board and cut it as pond shape and draw silent water with the help of sea green,navy blue and white colors, then i paste it on base,then i coated it with acrylic clear varnish for shine as deep water.its almost done.waiting for dry....

Step 6: Final Look are some final pictures on my own forest,wow it really good,like real ,i love nature,trees and plants, will you go with me for outing in my forest......?



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    6 Discussions


    4 months ago

    You really got this! it's totally awesome

    1 reply

    Reply 2 months ago

    Thanks for encouragement....

    Kink Jarfold

    4 months ago on Step 6

    This was superb! What a great finished project you got! Well done, my friend. KJ

    1 reply
    aaishtvKink Jarfold

    Reply 4 months ago

    Thanks a lot for watching and appreciate me.