DIY Fox TALAS IFP Charging Tool




While servicing my first Fox TALAS I (first generation TALAS) fork, I realized I needed a Fox IFP Charging Tool to deflate and re-inflate the IFP chamber. I found the tool online for around $100. That seemed a little expensive and I wanted to find a DIY alternative if possible.

There were several forum posts stating a standard ball inflation needle would work fine to deflate the IFP chamber. And, with the help of a friend, it could be held in place while re-inflating the IFP chamber.

I decided to go a step further and find a way to thread the ball inflation needle into the IFP port. After some garage testing, I figured out the port was a standard 8-32 thread. I bought some supplies and started trying to build my own version of the tool. Here's the result...

NOTE: This tool will only work with the TALAS I (first generation). It will not work with the TALAS II. I have an idea on how to build a TALAS II IFP tool, but I don't have a TALAS II to test it against. The TALAS III does not need an IFP tool for servicing the air spring.

Full parts list available here:



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a nice instructable in that it is clear, legible and nicely illustrated. However, I would suggest that you preface your instructable with a little background. For example what is a "fox TALAS" and what is an "IFP." That you are charging a cylinder with air (?) is clear, but for what purpose is not. If you preface the instructable saying " for the non initiated a Fox Talas is... and occasionally you have to charge the IFP using a custom tool..... Just a thought. You have a pleasant presentation style, and lots of us would like to know more, so keep the instructables coming

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent advice, thank you. I'll ensure the next one has more background for a general audience.