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Introduction: DIY Fringe Sunglass Clutch

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Now that it is summer time I can’t live without my sunglasses. I tote them everywhere I go. We’ve all made our own pair of jean cutoffs, but what do you do with all the extra fabric? Waste not, want not as our grandmothers taught us. Why not turn the rest of our jean into a funky one of a kind sunglass case? Follow along with these quick instructions and you’re one step closer to a one of a kind sunglass clutch, that will protect your sunny’s all summer long.

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Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:

Cut-off jean leg
Sturdy needle and embroidery thread
Chalk or marker
Small bead (fits through hex nut)
Hex nut
Measuring tape

Step 2:

Take the remnants of your old, favorite pair of jeans and lay the leg out flat. Measure about 2 inches down. Fold seam-end over to create a flap and pin it down to stabilize.

Step 3:

Measure 2 inches down from the bottom of flap you just created NOTE: make sure your sunnys fit.

Grab your needle and thread. To make your case extra secure I recommend quadrupling the thread. Measure out a long length of thread (about an arms length). Fold in half to double. Thread the 2 ends through the needle’s eye. Pull through and knot the ends.

Step 4:

Sew along the line with a straight stitch (in and out). Make sure the stitches are close together. At the end, double knot the thread and cut the excess.

Step 5:

To create your fringed section, measure two inches down from the stitched line and cut. Then cut about ½ inch slits up to the sewn line (not passed otherwise you will cut into your case) as your “fringe” along the side.

Step 6:

Grab your hex nut and place it slightly beneath the folded edge and mark with chalk where you want it to be placed.

Step 7:

Grab your needle and thread again. Take an arm’s span of thread and cut. Feed one end of the thread through the eye and then knot the two ends together.

Un-pin the top fold and sew the hex nut in the standing up position where marked, but make sure you only are sewing through the front panel! Knot the end inside the glasses case and cut.

Step 8:

Inside the top flap use the same double thread technique and loop through the material a couple of times to secure the thread down.
Make sure you end with your needle head facing you on the outside, not the inside. Knot the stitch in place, but do not cut yet!

Measure 5 inches down the string and cut.

Step 9:

Slide your bead on, knot, and cut excess.

Step 10: Finished Product

You did it! You can now loop the bead through the hex nut a few times as a secure closure to your one of a kind fringe sunglass case! Personalize your clutch like I did by adding hex nuts! 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    what a great project to do with old denim!!! So creative and cute! Thanks for the tip!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    oh and welcome to the insanity that can be an instructables poster !


    7 years ago on Introduction

    ok I admit it, Im a guy and I only opened this because well... hey the BAG is cute to! I usually just stick mine on my head or in my shirt collar but something similar would work nicely for my reading glasses