Ultimate Workshop Faucet

Introduction: Ultimate Workshop Faucet

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The goal of this ible is to show how to make you own workshop faucet that fits your exact needs.

This is about the design and the mechanism, not the plumbing per-say.

Step 1: How It Works

This project arose after the free faucet I had for my workshop broke! ... okay okay, I broke it. The brass was old and rotten, and I had two parts collapse on me as I was trying to fix the drip. Instead of spending 50$ on another decent but cheap faucet with a spout that has garden hose threads, I decided to make my own.

To get the articulations (swivel) you need to use either pex, or shark bite. I am using a mix so that I can have some rigid copper parts, as well as inexpensive pex parts.

Pex crimp rings do allow the pex hose to rotate. It is very tight, so it is stiff.

The second part, using sharkbite parts, also allows for rotation in the fitting. If you want to go all shark bit, a 1/2 Tee is a fantastic way to go about this, but I could save about 10$ by using my other parts, so that's what I did. The sharkbite parts do swivel much more easily, and I suspect that they will also be more durable.

Step 2: Material

What you need will of course vary on whether you are using copper, pex, or a mix. I will assume at least some mix if not all copper, because a spout that sticks out would need to be sufficiently rigid.

  • Copper pipe and pex as needed, as well as whatever fittings you need for your personal needs. This of course varies by project.
  • 2 valves, I am a huge fan of ball valves. Pex, sweat, or sharkbite
  • At least one of the following: a sharkbite Tee, a sharkbite elbow, or a straight coupler; this will depend on your design. You will likely want at least the elbow, if not a combination of 2.


Step 3: Assembling Everything

Now as I have already mentioned a few times, your exact design depends on your needs, but ultimately you will want the copper spout to go into the elbow. This elbow gives the side to side as well as the rotation to the spout.

The water intake can then allow for the up-down rotation. Now in this case, either you used pex valves, sharkbite valves, or a sharkbite tee, but any of these will give you the up-down rotation.

Step 4: Enjoy

That's it. This incredibly simple assembly of commonly available parts gives you a super flexible workshop faucet!

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