DIY Fun Toy - Rainbow Pinwheels

Introduction: DIY Fun Toy - Rainbow Pinwheels

About: Happy learning!

How about making rainbow pinwheels with your kids? It's super easy to make and our little boy is having fun with his new toy!

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Step 1: Supplies

- Double-sided color paper

- Styrofoam sticks (Alternatively use any sticks that you can attach pinwheels to.)

- Scissors

- Cutter

- Glue (or superglue)

- Pushpins

- Plastic pins

Safety tips: Make sure the pushpins and plastic pins are not too sharp as the pinwheels could fall apart by wind. You can use superglue to keep the pinwheels intact.

Step 2: How to Make a Pinwheel (1)

Follow the simple steps from 1 to 6.

Step 3: How to Make a Pinwheel (2)

Follow the rest of the steps to complete. Happy making!

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