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Introduction: DIY Galadriel Costume

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Last Halloween I decided to be Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings, my favorite books and movies. She is my favorite character out of all fantasy books so I thought it would be the perfect costume.

It might also be worn in a Lord of the Rings themed wedding, as it is white and cheap to make.

I started out by going to a small jewelry store where I found the one ring and rhinestone headband.

I did not make the cape and dress myself but I found the fabrics and designed them. I watched the Fellowship of the Ring over and over until I saw Galadriel enough to get a good drawing of her. I sketched out the shape of her dress and the lace used on it. I think her cape was longer but I did not find enough fabric. I measured myself so I could get a sketch of it with accurate measurements. The dress has a boat neck, flared sleeves, flows out from the waist and is lined except for the sleeves. The cape reaches about to my mid-calves and has a large good which clasps with a faux pearl button at the neck.

For hair and makeup, I curled my hair into waves like Galadriel's and wire clear nail polish. The next time I wear costume I will create elf ears. I had a great time wearing the costume for Halloween and I might even wear it again!

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