DIY Galaxy Backpack

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If you want to rock the first day of school or show everyone how cool you are, this DIY is meant for you!!!!

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need a black backpack (new or used), masking tape, white paint, pink paint, blue paint, light blue paint, paint brushes, a bowl of water, and paper towels.

Step 2: Preparing the Bag

Using masking tape mask of any parts of the bag you do not want to accidentally get paint on. This step is optional but remember you’ve been warned!

Step 3: Making the Galaxy

Using your blue paint make a ring extending outward. In the center of the ring you just made apply white paint also extending outwards. To make this look as smooth as possible apply light blue paint in the middle of the white and blue paint. Add pink randomly around the white, just make sure the pink is light, sutle, and not over bearing. Do this multiple times.

Step 4: Making the Stars

For this step all you need is a really thin paint brush and white paint. Make crosses of various sizes all over the bag. It doesn’t matter how big you make them, but be reasonable and don’t make one that’s five inches by five inches. Now just simply dot the entire bag with white paint.

Step 5: Extra Customizations

You can add simple things like a rocket or alien if you would like, but I decide to leave mine the way it originally was.

I hope if you decide to make this it turns out the way you want it to. If you have any further questions or ideas related to this tutorial let me know in the comments section.



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