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Introduction: DIY Galaxy Shoes

I messed up a pair of shoes when I was trying to make the Reign of Terror shoes on the cover of Sleigh Bell's album and thought, "hey, why not just make these into something better?"  After some thinking I decided on galaxy shoes with a tribal print side.  This is how I did the galaxy.

Step 1: Materials

Dark Blue
and your choice of colors for the nebulas.  I used yellow and red.

tooth brush
small paint brush

Canvas shoes

Water (for cleaning brushes and blending paint)

Paper Towel (for cleaning mess and wiping brushes)

Step 2: Painting the Shoes

First, I used blue as a base coat

Then blended in red and yellow for my nebulas.  Just sponged them right in there.

Added white swirls, then blended them in 

Splattered on stars with a tooth brush and a paint brush.  Without the tooth brush, just spattering it on looks sloppy (I tried it my first time).   
Point the toothbrush towards the shoe then scrape the end of the paint brush against the bristles, pulling towards you.  None will splat on you if done right.

Step 3: Video Tutorial

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    5 Discussions

    mohammed ahmed
    mohammed ahmed

    6 years ago

    Nice one , I like it
    I have too things to say
    1 does it require painting skills or it's normal
    Second the picture weren't clear but still very beautiful idea .


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Doesn't require any painting skills. It might not seem right at first, but went you get into it, it all naturally blends well.
    Sorry about the second picture. In the future I'll use a better camera


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, thanks so much everybody! This was my first instructable and I was pretty nervous about posting it, so it's so cool that so many people like it!