DIY Garden Gate




This is a tutorial on how I made two Garden Gates using Wood and Steel angle iron.


Step 1: Materials Needed

Duration : +- 4 Hours

Materials Needed:

10 x 3000mm x 114mm ( 10 ft x 0.375 ft ) Pine planks

12 m ( 40 ft ) angle iron

60 Self drilling screws

2 Hinges

1 Gate Lock

Tools needed:

Circular Saw


Combination Square

Step 2: Cutting

Mark your wood where you want to cut it. I used the frame as a guide as it wasn't an exact length.

Step 3: Fitting

Fit the planks you just cut into the frame and start screwing them to the frame with the tek screws

Step 4: Hinges

Mark area where hinges will be and screw hinges into place

Step 5: Lock

Choose where you want to put the lock adn mark the holes.

Drill holes for the lock and fasten it with the bolts that came with the lock

Step 6: That's It!

The gate is done. Now just hang it and you have made a Rustic looking garden gate in under 4 hours.



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    6 Discussions

    Yes, Unfortunately I only came across Instructables after I made the frame. That is why it isn't included in the process.


    1 year ago

    The rustic steel and wood look goes well with the brick, nice work.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you! Was my first time showing anyting I've made