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Let's spice up our garden with this See-Saw fountain.

Materials Needed:

Step 1: The Balancing Pipe

For balancing the steel pipe a small PVC pipe needs to attach on the middle of the steel pipe with a small hole to attach the pipe.

Put a marble inside the steel pipe and block it with PVC O-rings and attach the L-joint.

Watch the full making of this project on YouTube:

Step 2: The Base

Join the 2 boxes for water storage with PVC as shown

Step 3: The Final Setup

Assemble the balancing pipe and boxes with PVC casing for the stand and balance it with the screw.

Join the aquarium pipe with it and connect a water pump.

Attach the pipe and connect with pump, fill it with stones and water

Now my garden looks beautiful with this Garden see-saw water feature, why don't you try to decorate yours and let us know.

Check out the full making on YouTube:

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