DIY Gas Mask Prop




Introduction: DIY Gas Mask Prop

I made a prop gas mask with household items.
You can make it usable by adding activated charcoal or things like that in the filters but i didn't.I made it just for fun .
This is my first instructable so if you can be a little bit nicer.
I wait feedback.

Step 1: Materials

Needed materials:
2L soda bottle(i used a coca-cola bottle)
2-4 empty tuna cans(with 2 cans you make 1 filter)
Optional:1 bigger can(the ones you get from peaches and beans)
Electrical tape
Hot glue
Optional:2 bottles(any size, we just use the necks and caps)
Head strap or rubber bands
Optional:sharpie or marker
Spray paint(i use red and white)
Hammer+nail(to punch holes)

Step 2: Preparing

Remove the labels from the cans and the 2L bottle
Easiest way to do it is to leave them in hot soapy water for 3-5 hours.This loosens the glue and makes it easier to clean.

Step 3: Cutting

Now we have to cut the 2L bottle.
First, cut the bottom as shown in the first pic.
Then, trace 2 paralel lines 3/4 of the bottle coming from the part that we cut out and then connect them at the last quarter as shown in the second pic.
You can cut a bit from the top if it's bigger than your face.
Then, put electrical tape on the edges to smooth them.(after you cut it they are rough and you can get cut)

Step 4: The Filters

Take the tuna cans and tape or glue them toghether.
Then, take a cap and glue it on one side.
Then punch holes in both the cap and the other side of the filter.Now just screw it on the neck.
From this point, it's done, and now just attach the rubber bands or head strap and it's finished, but if you want side filters too , you need to make another filter and cut the 2 necks from another two bottles and glue them on the sides of the mask.
The last pic is what i got so far.
The bottom filter will be the taller can.
My can has the top part hollowed out so I put a jar lid on it and i glued the cap on it.
I put more glue on a side that the cap stays at an angle so the filter stays at an angle on the mask.
I also cut 2 holes for the eyes.

Step 5: Finishing

The last thing is to attach a head strap or rubber bands.I choose a head strap.I just put it over the mask and it stays.
And now, the fun part.
After that you're pretty much done!
Thanks for following my instructable and leave feedback.

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slightly different but a way cool pattern to follow. Thanks for the awesome idea!!!


Way too much like a bottle might wanna disguise it more

Doctor who reference people are awesome!

Amazing, but next time try doing it we duct tape instead of paint and you don't need to cut eyeholes that's what I did

Mummy, mummy, are you my mummy ?

And try to suggest thing that i done wrong, and suggest what future projects i should make.

Thank you all! Means a lot to me that you guys like it!:)

that is pretty awesome!

Are you my mummy?


3 years ago

Sick job

This is perfect Halloween's coming

It looks really awesome! Especially considering that it's made from water bottles! I love the paint job, it just brings it over the top. Thanks for sharing!