DIY Gatorade Cap Keeper

Introduction: DIY Gatorade Cap Keeper

This project is inspired by Jason Klass "A DIY Cap Keeper for your DIY Water Bottle"

This is a great idea and I did try to make one but my zip tie keep popping off when I use the cap keeper as a bottle holder. Even with liberal amounts of super glue.

This is an improvement I'm calling it the DIY Gatorade Cap Keeper

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Step 1: Supplies Needed

You will need 2 Gatorade bottles (or 1 gallon Hawaiian punch drink)
About 1 foot of Para cord

Step 2: Tools Used

Heavy coat hanger cut down to make an awl
Mini vice grip (or anything so you can work with the hot awl type tool from the heavy coat hanger)
Heavy kitchen scissors (any sharp scissors will do)
Small utility knife (razor blade)
Heavy duty pliers (I used a metal hand break)
Bic lighter
Wire cutters
Gas Stove (any stove will work as long you can heat the coat hanger

Step 3: Ok Lets Begin

This is a brief description of what we are doing. We are going to weld (melt) 2 bottle caps together so the first cap is the retainer for the Para cord.

Step 4: Step 1

Take the first cap and whittle or carefully cut the threads from the inner cap with the small utility knife. This will not make the cap fit on the 2nd cap any better but it will allow the cap make more of a contact.

Step 5: Step 2

Take the heavy coat hanger and heat it up over the stove

Once the awl is really hot, just before it turns red hot then its hot enough to melt a small in the middle of the first cap

Step 6: Step 3

Now we need to make 8 relief cuts so we can fit the 1st cap on top of the 2nd cap. You can either use the razor blade or the wire cutters. You may crack the 1st cap. That should be ok as long as you didn't crack it through all the way or split the cap.

Step 7: Step 4

Take the Para cord and thread it into the center hole you have made.

Tie an over hand knot as a stopper.

Once you have that done you will need to smash the knot as flat as you can. This allows the 2 caps to fit closer to each other.

Step 8: Step 5

Welding the 2 caps together (melting with hot metal stick)

Now fit the 1st cap with the Para cord installed onto the 2nd cap.

Heat up the heavy metal coat hanger and then weld/melt the first cap to the 2nd cap. Make sure you do not melt through the 2nd cap.

Heat up the heavy coat hanger and repeat all around the cap.

When you have worked all the way around the cap you should have something looking like this.

You can use some sand paper to smooth all the rough places.

Step 9: Step 6

Tie up a loop knot on the other end of the Para cord and loop it around the neck of the bottle.

That’s it your all done. This is strong enough to hold the large 1/2 gallon bottle.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the link. It was awsome. I melted the 2 caps together because I didn't have any epoxy or glue on hand when I was playing around.

    If you do a google search on "welding plastic with soldering iron" you will see youtube videos of welding with soldering irons. (I did not have an soldering available to me at the time so I just used the sove and heavy coat hanger).

    Just making do whith what I had at the time. :-)