DIY Giant Paper Rose




Intro: DIY Giant Paper Rose

Make a fun huge paper rose for your valentine


12 pieces of computer copy paper


Food coloring


School glue

Chop stick

Step 1: Dye

To dye your paper add 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and 5 drops of food coloring together. Soak one piece of paper at a time in the mixture for 30 seconds. Hang somewhere to dry. Make 10 pink papers and 2 green papers.

Step 2: Roll

Once your papers are dry, roll your 2 green papers up, glue the corners and then put them together by inserting one piece into the other.

Step 3: Petals

With your ten pink pieces cut them into petal shapes. I like to stack the papers and cut them all at once so they are exactly the same size and shape. Use your chopstick and roll the petals from the top down. Do this for every petal expect for one.

Step 4: Making the Flower

Wrap your unrolled petal around the stem and glue it in place. Follow with one of your rolled petals. With each petal you glue on fan it out a little more than the last. Add all ten flower petals on and enjoy.



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6 years ago on Introduction

Is there an alternative to chopsticks?? We do not have any...


6 years ago on Introduction

This is adorable - the rose is gorgeous as well as the little girl! :) My nieces will love to make these -thanks for the project idea!!!

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