DIY Girls Jewelry: How to Make Stocking Flower Tiara




Introduction: DIY Girls Jewelry: How to Make Stocking Flower Tiara

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Making DIY Girls Jewelry is so much fun! Now a days the style quotient of any dress you wear can be taken up a notch, if you learn how to make a pretty and beautiful stocking Flower Tiara. making this easy DIY Craft at home is such an awesome way to spend your time creatively and also make a pretty headband for girls of your gang!

If you have a bride to be amongst your friend, then making a lovely bridal stocking flower tiara for her D-day would be such an exciting handmade gift idea for her. what's more you can experiment with some stylish and stunning headband hairstyles like open beach waves to be paired up with your Stocking Flower Tiara

Come! let us have a look at how to make the Stocking Flower Tiara.

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Step 1: Material Required

The best part about making the stocking flower tiara lies in the simplicity of the materials required :

Craft Wire



Green tape



Decorative Stones


Step 2: Let's Make Stocking Flower

To make the stocking flowers, begin by making small loops of the Craft wires.

Stretch and tie the stockings on the loop.

Fasten the ends of the loop, with a thread.

Step 3: Complete the Flower!

Take a bunch of stamen and fasten the bunch with a long craft wire.

Arrange the stocking covered loops around the Stamen bunch to form a pretty flower

Fasten the end of the flower to hold the petals in place and tie a thread in the base of the flower.

Step 4: Make the Tiara!

To make the crown take 2-3 layers of crown and size it according to the measurements of the wearer.

Make multiple stocking flowers and cover the stem with green tape.

Wind and Wrap the stocking flowers on the tiara's craft wire.

Step 5: Decorative Petals!

Take the craft wire and make multiple blue colored petals, the same way like you made for the flowers.

Wrap and attach the blue petals to the Tiara craft wire.

Step 6: Your Craft Is Ready!

Cover the entire tiara with green tape and paste a strip of decorative stones.

Your beautiful and girly Stocking Flower Tiara is all set to add beauty to your fashionable look. Pair up a beautiful set of handmade earrings and you are all set to get heads turning. This headband for girls is the ultimate idea for accessories for girls! it is always a fun art and craft activity to Do It Yourself at home and create such fun crafts for girls as a part a great DIY Home Crafts Projects.

So watch the step by step procedure tutorial on how to make the Stocking Flower Tutorial and have fun!

Step 7:

Step 8: Make the Crown

Now take a craft wire and make the crown according to the desired size needed.

Once the crown is ready, take the

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    Beautifully done :)