DIY Glitter Fish Bowl




Real fish bowls are a hassle to maintain! Create this easy glitter fish bowl with 6 simple supplies and 6 simple steps!

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • 1 pack of cotton balls (optional)
  • 1 "fish bowl" candy jar
  • 1 pack of assorted artificial rocks
  • Water (I used 1 liter)
  • 1 pack of assorted blue glitter
  • 1 pack of fish stickers

I got all of these supplies at The Dollar Tree for $6.42!

Step 2: Rock Bottom

Fill the bottom of the jar with as many assorted rocks as desired.

Step 3: Sticky Fingers

Place the stickers on the inside sides of the jar, except for the front facing side. Remember to press them against the sides to secure them.

Step 4: Fill 'Er Up

Fill the jar to the top with water.

Step 5: Make It Rain

Pour in as much glitter you'd like. I used half of each packet shown.

Then, shake it up!

Step 6: Optional Glitter Reduction

If you used too much glitter, no worries! Use a cotton ball to soak up some of the glitter at the surface.

Close the lid and enjoy! :)



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