DIY Glitter and Marble Paint Ornaments




Today I will be making a DIY glitter ornament along with a DIY marble paint ornament to dazzle up my Christmas tree. I hope these will make your Christmas tree super fun with these awesome DIY's. I got these amazing ideas from (glitter ornament) and (marble paint ornament).

Step 1: Materials

For this DIY you will need:


-Mod podge


-Clear ornaments

-Small bowl or container

You could also use floor wax instead of mod podge and water.

Step 2:

Put some mod podge and a tiny bit of water in your small bowl/container.

Step 3:

Remove the top from the ornament then pour your mixture into your ornament and swirl it around until the inside is coated.

Step 4:

Drain the excess mixture from the ornament into your small bowl/container.

Step 5:

Pour your glitter (generous amount) into the ornament and swirl it around till the inside is covered.

Step 6:

Drain the excess glitter into a small bowl or wherever you got it from then put the top back on and you are done.

Step 7:

Put on your tree and enjoy!

Step 8: DIY Marble Paint Ornament

Step 9: Materials

For this DIY you will need:

- Acrylic paint

-Clear ornaments

-Small bowl or container

Step 10:

Remove the top of the ornament, then grab one of your paint colors.

Step 11:

Squirt some of your paint into the ornament. Then give the ornament a quarter turn and squirt again.

Step 12:

Repeat a few more times while tipping and turning your ornament so the paint coats the inside of the ornament. Remember to leave space for the other colors.

Step 13:

Repeat with the rest of your colors. If any space is uncovered, turn the ornament to splash some paint to cover the space.

Step 14:

Once the ornament is completely covered, turn it upside-down and drain the excess paint into your small bowl/ container. This might take a while so you may need to leave it over night. The pattern the drained paint makes is so cool!

Step 15:

Once your ornaments are dry, put the top back on then hang on your tree and enjoy!



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    2 years ago

    I love these, especially the glitter ones :)

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