DIY Glittery Shoes




Introduction: DIY Glittery Shoes

Do you remember the last time you Sharpie-d or embellished a pair of sneakers? For us, it had been far too long so when we saw some glittery sneakers for the fall, we were anxious to bling out our own pair using a pair of classic Vans as our canvas. But honestly, what fun is it unless you can DIY a pair too?

You’ll need:

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Step 1:

Start by taping the edges of the shoes, covering the rubber soles. Cover both toes with tape as this is where the rhinestones will be glued on later.

Step 2:

Add one part course glitter to two parts Mod Podge into a small plastic cup or tray.

Step 3:

Stir the mixture thoroughly with a paintbrush. The consistency should be rather thick but not pasty. Apply a layer of the glitter mixture to the shoe. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes and add a second and third layer until hardly any white space is showing. Use an exacto knife or the edge of your fingernail to scrape off any glitter that might have dried onto the grommets or soles.

Step 4:

Remove the tape. Using adhesive, glue the rhinestones on the toe in any pattern.

Step 5:

Sport your new shoes with or without laces!



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    13 Discussions

    keds are great for a less expensevive shoe for the almost exact same style

    These look AMAZING! what a great idea.

    cute sneaks, but i'd never waste my $$ on 'vans'! do you own stock in the co.? plenty of footwear companies make the same style, same quality for a LOT less $.

    I've a pair of Toms that got all messed up, and even torn. I have been thinking of decorating them. I too wonder: how durable is the Mod Podge?

    2 replies

    I would recommend some clear acrylic sealer. Spray on a few coats to make it water proof and it should last much longer:

    clear acrylic sealer:

    I was thinking about some sort of sealer for the glitter - perfect!

    (Also, because I shill for these all the time, next time try crossing these with some Neopixels to make Blinky Glittery Shoes!)

    I would spray the shoes with the "never wet" product. That should preserve it VERY well. I don't know how non toxic (or toxic) these are, but they do work. Just DO NOT spray it on the bottoms of your shoes, since that may cause them to be slippery(?) and could be dangerous. Here's a video on it that I found on youtube:

    ‪NeverWet Arrives - Hands-On Product Demonstration‬

    There's also another similar product called "Ultra Ever Dry", but the 'never dry' looks easier to apply since it sprays. Here's the video on the 'ultra ever dry':

    ultra ever dry

    I did these a few years ago but with my worn black patent leather Birkenstocks. I used fine glitter iridescent black, and glitter glue as the adhesive, pouring dry glitter over the glitter glue. It lasted about 3-4 months and the glitter gradually wore off here and there, so I redid it. I agree about the glitter problem as I def did leave glitter traces in my car and here and there but with the very fine glitter its not so obnoxious. Have also done this with fabric heels on shoes that got stained or otherwise damaged. Comes out gr8.


    How durable is the glitter portion? I'd be worried about shoes (which obviously flex under use) leaving a swath of glitter in the wearer's wake.

    Glitter is the napalm of craft supplies - it gets on things and is difficult to get off them.

    Im so going to make these with my Daft Punk outfit! Thanks!

    Thank you for the lesson. I'm going to make a few pairs for my daughter. Any idea on their durability?

    Omg this is so cute! Need to try it!