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Introduction: DIY Glowing LED Wi-Fi Indicator

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This is my first project on instructables.I have always had a thing for LEDs.So i wanted to decorate my workspace with lights doesn't matter whether they have any functional value or not.For my first project i made a glowing WiFi led indicator.

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Step 1:

First collect the following things:

1. Scissor, Ruler

2. Art Knife

3. 6 LED in strip format,2 pieces 3 in each of any color u prefer.i took green.

4. Glue

5. Plastic Covering of some container.It must me white and has at least 5mm difference between the top and bottom surfaces along the edge.

6. Paper; 1 Black and 1 White

7. Wire

8. Soldering iron and solder

9. 12V DC adapter

Step 2:

First of all,cut the 2 papers according to the shape of the plastic top.Keep in mind the black one goes on the top.

Make a WiFi symbol on the black paper and cut it neatly.

Cut the plastic also in a triangle only if it is not WHITE.If its white, then cutting is redundant,(which i realized after i completed it..:P)

Step 3:

The LEDs are pasted and final shape has arrived.

Solder the LEDs with a wire and hook it up to a 12v DC adapter....and u are done.

Step 4:


Do paste a white conforming white paper in the back after soldering the LEDs.Otherwise,u may not get the full reflection and the glow will reduce.

And its ready now as u can see it....enjoy.... :-)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    So simple and looks so great! I too am a major fan of LEDs. Thanks for sharing!