DIY Go Pro Wrist Strap

Introduction: DIY Go Pro Wrist Strap

Step 1: Things You Need!

Nylon strap
Adhesive mount
Needle and thread
2 cable ties
Fire lighter/match

Step 2: Thread Through

Thread the nylon strap through the female buckle and using your needle and thread, safely attach your buckle to the strap

Step 3: Attach the Male Buckle

Attach the male buckle to the nylon strap. Let the remaining strap hang loosely so you can alter the size

Step 4:

Stick the flat adhesive mount on a smooth, flat and strong material (i used aluminum). Secure using 2 cable ties. Wait 24 hours for the adhesive to set properly. Make sure the cable ties are secured properly and wont fall off.

Step 5: Final Touches

Use a match to melt the edge of the nylon strap. You now have a cheap and simple wrist strap, which can also be used as a leg strap! I haven't tested the strap yet!

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