DIY GoPro Jaws Flex




I got inspired to make this project because this mount on costs $90 +. Or you could make this simple, almost identical mount for under $10

Step 1: Get Parts

For this simple project you will need

One 1/4″ bolt
Two 1/4″ washers
Two 1/4″ nuts


Power drill
1/4″ drill bit
Hack saw
1/4″ wrenches

Step 2: Start Drilling

Now get your drill and drill a hole so the bolt can go through. Choose a spot that's not on the handle so it won't be hard to clamp..

Step 3: Insert the Bolt

Then put the bolt through the hole and add the nuts to stop it from coming out

Step 4: Attach the GoPro

Now attach the GoPro with the GoPro tripod mount

Step 5: Start Filming

Now get outside and start filming! Let me know what you think



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