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I really wanted a grappling hook, so I thought; why not make my own? Obviously it's dangerous and probably not safe. I'm not a climbing professional, or have any sort of qualification to be making my own climbing tools, so if you take this on yourself, you do so at your own risk. If you fall, gouge your eye out, or break someone's window, it's not my fault! With that being said, let's begin!

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

- 2 or more medium or large adjustable C-clamps
- Pliers.
- Serrated knife (or scissors).
- Paracord/Rope. (Stronger the better)
- Bolt that's the same size as hole in the c-clamps.
- Nut that can fit the bolt mentioned previously.
- Carrabiener Clip (Ideally one that has a locking mechanism for safety).

That's about it! If you have some more tools and equipment you want to add or use, feel free to! I myself used just the materials mentioned above, so it's really possible to do with even cheap parts and materials.

Step 2: Disassemble Your C-Clamps

In order to use our C-Clamps, we must take them apart. Start by removing the little disk-like piece at the end of the screw/bolt used to adjust the clamp by unscrewing it all the way. It should pop off, and we can now fully unscrew the adjustment screw from the clamp. Do this for both clamps and you should have 2 C-Clamps without the adjustment screw and threads that we will utilize shortly.

Step 3: Connect Your C-Clamps

At this point, you should have 2 ready to use C-Clamps. You'll need to connect them using a nut and bolt that will fit through the threads of your C-Clamp. I ended up breaking a hacksaw and using a bolt used for attaching the blade to the handle. This fit perfectly, and even without a nut at the end it still is fine. A nut is definitely recommended at this point.

IMPORTANT: It's a good idea to thread your paracord/rope in between your C-Clamps now rather than later, then tighten down your bolt to secure them together! Also, they don't need to line up prefectly, it's actually better if they are a little asymmetrical (as shown in the last photo of this step).

Step 4: Connect Rope to C-Clamps

Using some paracord and basic tying/knotting, tie a piece of paracord or rope onto your C-Clamp, making sure to securely hold it in place with your rope. Leave some room at the bottom for your carabiner to go through. The final product should look something like the image above. Again, you don't need a special knot or technique, but if you are experienced with rope tying and knotting, you could probably do a better (not to mention safer) job.

Step 5: Add Some Climbing Rope

Time to add some climbing rope! I took a long piece of rope and threaded it through the carabiner (which I then attached to the loop on the clamps), and pulled each part to the same length, sort of like threading a needle. I then tied knots every couple feet or so to create footholds and hand grip spots, to make climbing more comfortable.

Step 6: Final Product

Done! Now you can test it by grabbing some random objects, hooking onto branches, metal bars, or whatever you want! The hook will support weight, but I don't know if it's really that reliable or safe. I'd recommend testing in a safe area with appropriate climbing gear and safety equipment. This is more of a survival scenario style hook, but with some welding equipment and more knotting experience it could be greatly improved. Overall, it works, and it works decently, and it cost me nothing! I used just parts I found around the shed at my grandmothers house. I think it really does prove that you can make most anything out of, well, anything!

If you liked this project, maybe build it yourself! And if you want to show some love please vote for me in both the Invention contest, the outside contest, and the unusual uses contest! The prizes would really help me out, and I'd love to win a kayak for my grandfather, who's really passionate about kayaking! Thanks for checking out my instructable!



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    Reply 1 year ago

    no problem oh and please check out my first instructable


    1 year ago

    Currently working on a heavy duty, 4-pronged, stronger and safer variation of this hook. Stay tuned for that, and if you liked this project please vote for it!

    Alaskan Bev

    1 year ago

    I geocache as Alaskan Bev and have many times wished for a grappling hook; I've even mentioned it in cache logs. Now I know how to make one - the world will never be safe again! Thank you, kind sir! Cache on!

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    GuthrieM1Alaskan Bev

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks for the comment! I've heard of geocaching, but not ever attempted it. I guess a hook like this could help with that!