DIY Green Screen for Under $10 NEW



I had bought a green screen about a year ago and it cost me about $80 total including the stand. When I thought about that now, I realized that $80 for a cloth and two metal tubes was absurd. Another issue I had was that at least for my video camera, I can only fit about 60% of both sides on the cloth to get a good image. If I zoom out anymore, one of the sides goes out of the green screen, ruining the video. I started to do some research on the web when I noticed that people were using paint. I did not want to paint but I remembered I did have a few stacks of this lime-green paper. By taping only a few sheets of this together I made a very successful DIY green screen.

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

1 Roll of Scotch Tape

About 45 Pieces of Bright Green Paper(I picked mine up at a local arts and crafts store for almost no money)

PATIENCE - this project can be very tedious at times; make sure you take your time and tape down everything well.

Step 2: Taping

This is the time to build. I wanted my green screen to be about 6 1/2 x 3 ft. This meant I needed 7 pieces of paper facing horizontally going across and 7 pieces of paper facing horizontally going down. This part is important so be careful and take your time. I made 21 sets of 2 pieces taped together. Then I made 7 sets of 6 pieces tape together, and finally, I taped all 7 sets together. I taped every corner where 2 or more pieces of paper met and I also taped everywhere around the edges to make it easier to pick up.

Step 3: Adding the Wood Piece

The last thing I did have I added a thin piece of wood and taped it to the back of the green screen.This made it easier to hang on the wall. I only needed five pieces of Scotch Tape from the wall to the wood piece to make it stay up. Just make sure the piece of wood you are using is thin enough because otherwise it will be too heavy for the tape.

Step 4: Your Done!

Now all you need is a camera and good lighting and your all set! I have attached a video of my green screen test. I hope you enjoyed!



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