Valentne Greeting Card That Speaks Your Recorded Voice Message !



Introduction: Valentne Greeting Card That Speaks Your Recorded Voice Message !

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Hey what's going on guys this is Kedar here so have you ever seen a greeting card that speaks your recorded voice message ? well you can get greeting cards that will say "Happy birthday to you" , "Happy New Year" "Merry Christmas or something that is digital and too monotonus this greeting card doesn't have a personal touch to it

I think I personally recorded voice message will be so much nice where you are convey your true feelings so today we are going to make a greeting card in which you can record your voice message seconds up to 20 seconds and when you open it, it will play it back so let's get started

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Step 1: How It Works ?

How it works ?I'm glad you ask that's why we are here

1. So when you press a red record button simultaneously speak your message the Integrated circuit module record your voice and store it into its memory

2.Now when you open the greeting card the light dependent resistor (LDR) reccive more light and therefore trigger and playback your voice message

3.It's as simple as it is .You can change your voice message anytime you want so its Pretty Universal as you can install in any greeting card that will match the occasion

It's Always Better to see it in action

Step 2: Let's Build One ! - Part's

So let's build one

1. So first you will need few components so first thing first to power this greeting card you will need a 3.7 volt battery

2. I am going to use this Lithium ion polymer battery really simple to install but a cheaper alternative to this battery can be a CR 2032 coin cell battery

3. and you can also use its battery holder

4. also we need a LDR light dependent resistor it's also known as a photo-resistor

5. and last thing we need this ISD1820 voice recorder module

# You can Buy Them Here

Voice Recorder Module

3.7v Battery

CR2032 Coin cell

Battery Holder

Step 3: Step by Step Process - It's Easy !

So let's start

1.Now there are two jumpers already installed onto voice recorder module ,you have to remove the lower side jumper by using any metallic object this will let you Trigger your voice recorder module by external components like an LDR

2.So Now to install an LDR locate P-E terminal there you need to instal LDR there , you can directly solder LDR there but I am going to use female headers as later you might need to change your message and therfore remove the LDR for that so it will make your job easy

3. Now install battery on to vcc and ground remember terminals

REMEMBER THATvcc is Positive red terminal and ground is negative black terminal don't reverse the polarity otherwise it will destroy your voice recorder module ,believe me I tried that and nobody like a smoking greeting card so there you have it guys now your voice recorder greeting card is ready !

To Record - Remove The LDR And Record Your Voice Message By Pushing Record Button

To Activate - Insert LDR Into P-E Terminal , and Install Battery

Step 4: It Will Make Them Happy !

Believe me it will make them happy cause it have a personal taste to it I am sure you like this isinstructables you might also like my other DIY projects so check them all out at my YouTube channel and your awesome thank you !

Happy New Year

Happy birthday

Happy Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy happy ....

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