DIY Groot Paper Clips

Intro: DIY Groot Paper Clips

Hi everyone! Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my favorites and I had to make these paper clip marks with my pop figure box because, well i just had to! I think they came out really cute and guess what? They are so easy to make! Below are the steps and supply list. If you are a visual learner and would like to see a video, click on the video above for detailed instructions.

Step 1: Supplies

  1. Paper clips, jumbo or regular
  2. glue gun
  3. felt
  4. scissors
  5. card stock for backing
  6. images of your favorite things or embellishments

Step 2: How To

  1. Cut out image
  2. trace out image with card stock
  3. glue card stock to back of image to hide cardboard
  4. Cut out a circle felt piece to hide behind image
  5. Place felt down, then paper clip
  6. Add glue
  7. place image on top of glue (should be felt,paper clip, then image)
  8. ta-da! You are finished!!!!

Step 3: Get Crafting

Create an variety you can think of! Get Crafting!

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